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1 FAQs
1.1 Can I use your soaps on my face?

YES! Our soaps are organically made in France, and will put any US made soaps to shame! There is no problem with using our soaps all over your body, including your face.

1.2 How do I clean my tablecloth?

When it comes to our coated tablecloths, Just Wipe! No need to wash them thoroughly. Just take a damp sponge with some gentle soap, and wipe them down and let them dry!

1.3 What size tablecloth is right for my table?

Take the length of your table, and subtract it from the length of the tablecloth. Then divide it by two. This gives you the amount it will drop on both sides of the table. If you have anything from 2" to 14" then you're all set! Your tablecloth with fit! A short drop is neat and tidy, while a long drop is quite elegant.